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eKohi Technology platform powers our Content Management System based Websites. eKohi CMS offers a peace of mind and is evolved with the following attributes in place:
  • Robust  - Design & Performance
    • eKohi CMS is based in .NET with Robust Design.
    • The SQL Server database provides a solid backend.
    • The application performance can be enhanced manifold with a Load-Balanced environment.
    • AWS hosting brings along the security of the web.
    • The strength of the application lies in its ability to handle varied content types.
    • Is built with Responsive design for various device types and screen sizes.
  • Reliable
    • A built in process for application level logging and issue remediation.
    • Hosted in the Cloud for better service and faster access.
    • Offers a back-office that allows content updates almost instantaneously.
    • Provides traditional publishing model.
    • Offers a basic content approval workflow out of the box.
    • User & Rights management for customized content view capability offers security.
  • Scalable
    • The architecture is designed for both Scalability and Performance.
    • The Elastic beanstalk configured webservers automatically scale up and down based on the network traffic. 
    • The back-office provides various Page types to choose from, closest to the content being created.
    • Custom Freestyle Page types for more design savvy users.
    • Features content copy and replicate options for quick content creation.
    • Responsive back-office gives content creation mobility.
    • Reusable Libraries that creates interoperable code blocks.
  • Simple
    • Simple Content types that allow content creation.
    • Site based back office Content and Media organization.
    • Easy content creation and update ability.
    • Media drag and drop features.
    • Easy content navigation.
    • Segregation of content, media and code that eradicates confusion.
  • Extensible
    • Extensible back-office dashboards, sections and trees. 
    • Components that allow repeatability.
    • Customizations to content, application and infrastructure at all levels.
    • User Types and Memberships that can be altered to suit YOUR needs.
    • Customizable Mail type and campaign creation features.
    • The Multi Language capability that serves the site to wide array of audience.
  • Powerful
    • WCAG 2.0 Compliance with AAA gradation, empowers accessibility challenged users.
    • Offers Audit Trail for content Auditors.
    • Customizable Membership options.
    • Forms that allow user feedback and its organization too!
    • Workflows that makes content approval a breeze.
    • Core Umbraco strength that is enhanced even much more.
    • Administrative options that fortify the content security.