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eKohi C&I

ekohi platform powers our educational products like our C&I Planning Protocol enabling school districts to successfully transition to 100% online resources, making the teacher experience the best in the industry and providing custom C&I coding solutions. All C&I planning protocol products are NOT created equal. It is the customization that makes eKohi-C&I Planning Protocol stand apart. It is created with YOU in mind.


Product Features and Highlights:
  • Central Repository for all Curriculums and Instructions
  • Single Sign On (Active Directory Integration)
  • Automated Student Information System Interface (Master Schedule Integration) such as Skyward, TSDS...
  • Dynamic Database Driven (All the curriculums are backed up and can easily restored in case some get damaged)
  • Website accessed from Internal Network and External Network
  • Security privileges.
  • Different Levels of Logins: 
    • Student/Family 
    • Teacher/Principal/School Admin
    • District Admin”
    • Substitute
  • Tiles Management.
  • Tabs Alignment for easy Navigation.
  • Yearly Documents, Planning Guides, Assessments, Resources, Textbooks, Planning Data, Lesson Plans.
  • Digital Lesson Plan Collobaration tool to create lesson Plans from 5E Template (Engage-Explore-Explain-Elaborate-Evaluatethat integrate with School Calendar and Planning Protocol Central Repository with advanced publishing options.
  • Document Management – Centrally by Curriculum Administrators
  • TEKS Management
  • Upload All kind of Documents: Links, Audio, Video, PDFS, Microsoft Office Suite