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Our technology solutions and software products are uniquely designed to improve business performance and management reporting for universities, Schools, academic medical centers, and healthcare systems. Our deep understanding of the higher education and healthcare environments allows us to work collaboratively to achieve success and transfer knowledge on a wide variety of large, complex performance improvement initiatives.

eKohi C&I

eKohi platform powers our educational products like our C&I Planning Protocol enabling school districts to successfully transition to 100% online resources, making the teacher experience the best in the industry and providing custom C&I coding solutions. All C&I planning protocol products are NOT created equal. It is the customization that makes eKohi-C&I Planning Protocol stand apart. It is created with YOU in mind.

Medixsoft always follow the latest trends, technologies and design patterns that emerge in software industry. That is why we are proud to announce the creation of a technology platform called ekōhī. Relying on best of breed technologies, our solutions have gained important benefits such as security, reliability, flexibility, scalability, fast time to market, efficient integration and interoperability. Careful design and a technology independent architecture are other important factors that lead towards the above benefits, while avoiding the well-known risks of early adoption of new technologies. This N-Tier architecture has given us the ability to implement solutions that exploit the benefits of various technologies such as:

1. HTTP based solutions providing interoperability and flexibility

2. TCP based solutions with WPF smart clients providing scalability performance and great user experience


Product Features and Highlights:
  • Central Repository for all Curriculums and Instructions
  • Single Sign On (Active Directory Integration)
  • Automated Student Information System Interface (Master Schedule Integration) such as Skyward, TSDS...
  • Dynamic Database Driven (All the curriculums are backed up and can easily restored in case some get damaged)
  • Website accessed from Internal Network and External Network
  • Security privileges.
  • Different Levels of Logins: Tiles Management.
    • Student/Family 
    • Teacher/Principal/School Admin
    • District Admin
    • Substitute
  • Tabs Alignment for easy Navigation.
  • Yearly Documents, Planning Guides, Assessments, Resources, Textbooks, Planning Data, Lesson Plans.
  • Digital Lesson Plan Collobaration tool to create lesson Plans from 5E Template (Engage-Explore-Explain-Elaborate-Evaluate) that integrate with School Calendar and Planning Protocol Central Repository with advanced publishing options.
  • Document Management – Centrally by Curriculum Administrators
  • TEKS Management
  • Upload All kind of Documents: Links, Audio, Video, PDFS, Microsoft Office Suite


Our two new Native Apple iOS and Android Apps are designed with the latest technolgy Swift and Java to provide versatile and instant way for Staff/Students/Parents to access everything , communicate , tracking ,reminders ,news , easy-to-use technology and much more...


eKohi Technology platform powers our Content Management System based Websites. eKohi CMS offers a peace of mind and is evolved with the following attributes in place:
  • Robust  - Design & Performance
    • eKohi CMS is based in .NET with Robust Design.
    • The SQL Server database provides a solid backend.
    • The application performance can be enhanced manifold with a Load-Balanced environment.
    • AWS hosting brings along the security of the web.
    • The strength of the application lies in its ability to handle varied content types.
    • Is built with Responsive design for various device types and screen sizes.
  • Reliable
    • A built in process for application level logging and issue remediation.
    • Hosted in the Cloud for better service and faster access.
    • Offers a back-office that allows content updates almost instantaneously.
    • Provides traditional publishing model.
    • Offers a basic content approval workflow out of the box.
    • User & Rights management for customized content view capability offers security.
  • Scalable
    • The architecture is designed for both Scalability and Performance.
    • The Elastic beanstalk configured webservers automatically scale up and down based on the network traffic. 
    • The back-office provides various Page types to choose from, closest to the content being created.
    • Custom Freestyle Page types for more design savvy users.
    • Features content copy and replicate options for quick content creation.
    • Responsive back-office gives content creation mobility.
    • Reusable Libraries that creates interoperable code blocks.
  • Simple
    • Simple Content types that allow content creation.
    • Site based back office Content and Media organization.
    • Easy content creation and update ability.
    • Media drag and drop features.
    • Easy content navigation.
    • Segregation of content, media and code that eradicates confusion.
  • Extensible
    • Extensible back-office dashboards, sections and trees. 
    • Components that allow repeatability.
    • Customizations to content, application and infrastructure at all levels.
    • User Types and Memberships that can be altered to suit YOUR needs.
    • Customizable Mail type and campaign creation features.
    • The Multi Language capability that serves the site to wide array of audience.
  • Powerful
    • WCAG 2.0 Compliance with AAA gradation, empowers accessibility challenged users.
    • Offers Audit Trail for content Auditors.
    • Customizable Membership options.
    • Forms that allow user feedback and its organization too!
    • Workflows that makes content approval a breeze.
    • Core Umbraco strength that is enhanced even much more.
    • Administrative options that fortify the content security.


eKohi Technology platform concatenates the power of Amazon Web Services - AWS Infrastructure to unleash pure, unadulterated performance. The flexibility of elastic beanstalk injects processing power only when needed, to drive up efficiency. The EC2 hosting environment with effective load balancing, R2 database environments and S3 storage options provide a fertile ground for your applications to thrive holistically. The effectiveness of the cloud is much enhanced by the reliable security it offers resulting in peace of mind.

What Makes us Different





We understand the unique environments of Schools Districts, universities, academic medical centers, and healthcare systems and the technology and business challenges they face. This track record makes Medixsoft the optimum choice for clients seeking to achieve results. We enable this success of organizational transformation through collaboration – by working side by side with our clients, sharing accountability, transferring knowledge, and helping transform the culture to embrace and sustain lasting change.





Unmatched Experience: We have a proven record of successfully implementing solutions from multi-campus institutions. We are a leader in successfully deploying large-scale, technology based change initiatives in higher education. This industry-leading experience and our track record of success ultimately provide our clients with confidence that Medixsoft is the best partner to implement technology solutions in their unique environments.