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Our Experience


We understand the unique environments of Schools Districts, universities, academic medical centers, and healthcare systems and the technology and business challenges they face. This track record makes Medixsoft the optimum choice for clients seeking to achieve results. We enable this success of organizational transformation through collaboration – by working side by side with our clients, sharing accountability, transferring knowledge, and helping transform the culture to embrace and sustain lasting change.


Our shared services model can contribute to a stronger financial footing, a greater ability for School Districts and higher educational institutions to meet their missions and, ultimately, new efficiency. But while the model is only just beginning to make headway in the area of education, it has already built a convincing and growing track record of its effectiveness in reducing costs, developing new cohesion with school districts, and refocusing attention on fundamental purpose of quality education.






Medixsoft point of view explores the growing movement toward shared services within school districts, including how the model fits within the unique mission and attributes of college readiness.




Adopting a holistic approach to data that integrates information about students and maximizes digital tools and technologies will enhance education performance by retain current students, increasing the graduation rate, decreasing the dropout rate and building lifelong connections with those students as they become alumni.




Students themselves have embraced the power of digital. Students are using digital to inform their decisions about education, and Google’s internal data indicates that by 2014, 40 percent of education search queries will happen on mobile devices.


Students are embracing digital to learn. One study shows that 50 percent of college presidents expect that within 10 years, a majority of students will be taking at least some of their classes online. Students are staying connected with their alma maters through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Data and digital are available like never before to unlock resources to provide more value to faculty and students, underpinning the academic and research mission. Higher education institutions are uniquely positioned to influence the workforce of the future and prepare their students for the demands of future employment. Bringing the best to students requires innovative, holistic thinking.