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Our Clients and their business processes have been the soul and key drivers of our organization. Our relationships with our clients portray the level of satisfaction they achieve due to the smooth functioning of their internal applications and the level of integration we have achieved in their cross-functional teams. We are absolutely proud of those accomplishments. - Gwen Lahlou (CEO, Medixsoft)


What drives organizations? Medixsoft is committed to uncovering the key ingredients to help our clients become high-performance businesses.We help companies think ahead with our Consulting services and products. Business today is evolving faster than at any other time in history, and tomorrow there are going to be challenges we can't even imagine today. At Medixsoft, we anticipate the future to service and thrive and help business capitalize on each opportunity they encounter.



New Clients


Everyone talks about transformation,but transformation into what? In our practice of continually thinking ahead,we've developed certain essentials for our model of the 21st Century Virtual Corporation.Our model includes implementing lean optimization. Virtualizing non-core operations and harnessing new technology.So what is the transformation model? It's a business that has been optimized in every respect to improve the bottom line and meet the future with confidence.

Thinking Ahead  


Medixsoft can give you the business analyses you need and follow through with implementation, technology and process solutions. We can deliver a depth of resources that's unsurpassed by other firms.We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively. And our confidence in our ability to think ahead makes us willing to be measured against any business outcomes.




Some of Our Clients

Our client relationship encourage our resolve to build some amazing products and offer great services. We greatly appreciate and value our mutual accomplishments. Some of our most valued clients are listed below.